The Conference Rational
The Conference seeks to explore and discuss different emerging approaches related to the concepts of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in different business sectors and fields as the key driving forces for prompting positive changes and revolutions in the business environment in Jordan and worldwide, gaining a competitive advantage, and creating jobs, in addition to achieving a sustainable development in the economic and social fields. In this respect, the core concept of the conference, in alignment with the official action plan toward economic correction and development, and as reflected in the recent naming of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, sets out to underscore business entrepreneurship and innovation as national priorities and as millstones in effecting economic development.
Particularly, the conference is an intellectual platform that engages scientific research in exploring the state of entrepreneurial businesses in Jordan and the region and to provide a valuable opportunity for academics, researchers, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and businesses from around the world to share their expertise and knowledge about the concepts of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in different business sectors and fields.
Interested applicants are invited to join this scholarly gathering and submit proposals that address any of the conference’s major themes. Participations are expected to explore the challenges/ as well as opportunities that concern business entrepreneurs and innovators as well as finding possible fund funnels for them. The conference will also provide the opportunity for youth enterprise’s owners, business entrepreneurs, and researchers to share stories of successful entrepreneurial enterprises and discuss the significant relationship between entrepreneurship and innovation. Participants and attendants of the conference will also explore how to invest on available resources and opportunities in the target communities to come up with innovative ideas that will in return contribute the development of these communities.
A relevant segment of the conference’s focus as well is to bring to the fore the importance of innovation in information technology as a concomitant hand to the development of business entrepreneurship. Besides, presenters in the conference will also discuss the best practices to employ effective and innovative marketing techniques and strategies to reach out the target customers. In addition, the conference will also address the impact of mega monetary funnels and funds and innovative accounting methods in developing business entrepreneurship. As well, the conference will allocate an intellectual space to discuss and explore ways of engaging artificial intelligence to provide innovative methods to limit overall cost
Potential Participants
       ·        University’s professors, graduate students and researchers interested in entrepreneurship.
       ·        Business entrepreneurs.
       ·        Sponsors of business entrepreneurs and small enterprises.
       ·        Financial institutions such banks funding business entrepreneurship.
       ·        Business entrepreneurship and small enterprise management trainers.
       ·        Relevant ministries and governmental entities.
       ·        Business owners and business startups.
       ·        Businessmen associations and civil society’s sectors.
       ·        Women and youth’s leaderships and entrepreneurs.
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