The Conference’s Themes

The First Theme : Entrepreneurship and Enterprises

  • Innovative Enterprises and the Private Sector
  • Women Entrepreneurs and their Entrepreneurial Activities
  • Stories of Successful Entrepreneurial and Innovative Enterprises
  • Risks Management and Entrepreneurial Enterprises
  • Business Entrepreneurship and Engineer Enterprises’ Efficiency

The Second Theme : Entrepreneurship, Electronic Businesses and Technology

  • Entrepreneurial, Innovative Environment and Social Media
  • Business Entrepreneurship and Technological Change Management
  • Business Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Management Systems
  • Entrepreneurship and Electronic Businesses
  • Entrepreneurship and E-marketing

The Third Theme : Entrepreneurship, Accounting and Finance

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Financial Operations
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Financial Fund Institutions
  • Entrepreneurial Atmosphere and International Fund
  • Entrepreneurship, Local Investments and Venture Capital

The Fourth Theme : Entrepreneurship and Marketing

  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Available Marketing Opportunities
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Developing New Products
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Market Expansion

The Fifth Theme: Entrepreneurship and Business Administrations

  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Organizational Excellence
  • Strategic Entrepreneurial Vision and Businesses Incubators
  • Enhance and Improve Friendly Entrepreneurial Environment
  • Entrepreneurship and Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship and Talents’ Management
  • Entrepreneurship Strategies and Competitiveness Reinforcement

The Sixth Theme: Entrepreneurship and Economy

  • Businesses’ Incubators and Sustainable Development
  • Entrepreneurship and the Development of Family Business
  • Business Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Economy
  • Entrepreneurship, New Jobs, and Combating Poverty
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